The LS 800D automatically slits 2 rolls at a time to increase productivity. When slitting two rolls, the maximum outside diameter is 8“. It can also be used as a single shaft machine and 18” dia. rolls can be slit.

LS 800D is a heavy duty, automatic, single knife roll slitter designed to provide dependable long term performance in continuous production environments. It's new design provides better performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

The LS 800D features user-friendly PLC (Programmable Logic Control) operation with touch screen selection of slit widths and roll cut count in inches and millimeters, as well as dwell time at the grinder and core. It also features two independent 5 HP AC inverter drives for the knife and chuck. A servomotor powered lead screw provides precise spacing tolerances of +/- .003".

New, Improved Design Minimizes Maintenance Requirements

Heavy Duty Construction For Reliable, Long-Term Performance.

Two (2) shafts - Single Knife

PLC Controlled Operation

Touch Screen Selection of Slit Widths, Roll Cut Count, And Dwell Time at the Grinder & Core

Servo-motor Driven Ball Screw For Fast, Accurate Spacing

Variable Speed AC Inverter Drives for Chuck & Knife

Servo Motor Driven Linear Actuator Knife Drive - Eliminates Hydraulics 

Automatic Dual Shaft Support

Simple Blade Installation & Removal

Automatic Blade Sharpening & Interval Grinding

High Efficiency Motors

Three Way Cutting: Driven Blade, Free-Wheeling Blade or Locked Blade

Electronic Drag Brake OptionBlade, Free-Wheeling Blade or Locked Knife.

Electrical Requirements: 230 V., 40A., 3 P.H., 60Hz*

Air Requirements: 5 SCFM @ 80 PSI

Maximum Roll Diameter: 8" (203.2mm), when slitting 2 rolls/ 15" (381mm) for single rolls

Maximum Roll Width: up to 90" (2286mm)

Minimum Core Diameter: 1.0" (25.4mm), multiple core sizes available

Chuck/Roll Speed: 0-700 RPM

Knife Speed: 0-850 RPM

Knife Motor: 5.0 HP, Variable Speed

Variety Of Rubber and Metal Shaft Sleeves

Variety Of Chucking Systems For Different Applications

Adjustable Knife Angling

Electronic Drag Brake For Slitting With Locked Knife

“CE” Certification Available


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