Advantages of Single Knife Slitters

Advantages of Single Knife Slitters

Bill Corbett ·

Advantages of Single Knife Slitters

They say that sometimes simpler is better… and when it comes to choosing a lathe slitting machine for your business needs, there’s a lot of truth in the statement.

A single knife slitting machine offers simplicity and flexibility unmatched by the more complex rewind slitters on the market. With just one knife needed to slit your rolls, the machines are fairly simple and easy to operate, with no long or complicated set-up or changeover for different slit widths, edge guiding and tension control.

Other benefits of these machines include:

  • Loading the rolls and unloading the finished cuts is simple.
  • Replacing the blade is quick and easy.
  • Cutting cycle is fully automatic.
  • An automatic knife sharpener is mounted on the machine.
  • Continuously adjustable speed for knife and roll gives you the control you need for quality slits with all your different materials. Multiple cutting speeds within a single slit also helps with materials that tend to double cut as the knife enters the roll. Knife angling can also be added for maximum flexibility in the slitting of foams and other materials.

See our LS-1500 and LS-6200 machines in action. 

For more information on Lever’s single knife roll slitting machinery, contact us today.

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