American Made… and Why It Matters

American Made… and Why It Matters

Bill Corbett ·

When you’re in the market for a roll slitter, keep in mind that not all slitting machine manufacturers are created equal. All may perform the same basic function and work pretty much the same way… but there are long-term benefits to buying machinery that’s made in the United States that make Lever Manufacturing’s machines the clear winner for your business.    

We’ve got competency in areas that foreign manufacturers just can’t match:

Experience: We’ve been in business since 1910, and have been manufacturing and servicing lathe slitting machines in New Jersey since the 1930s. With nearly a century of experience designing and manufacturing single knife roll slitting machinery, we maintain the highest quality standards. And because we are an established brand in the industry, you can be confident we’ll still be around to service your machine if something goes awry.

Inventory: Need a replacement part? Lever Manufacturing maintains a million-dollar parts inventory so we can quickly supply our customers’ with the parts they need to keep their Lever slitters in production year after year.

Technical Support: Help is always just a phone call away. Whether our customers have a question about their machine or an issue with the materials they are slitting, our after-sales service support personnel and dedicated engineering team provides fast, knowledgeable technical assistance that’s unmatched in the industry.

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