Pack Expo Report: Getting to Know the LFC-1500

Pack Expo Report: Getting to Know the LFC-1500

Bill Corbett ·

Dual knife roll slitter - LFC-1500


Lever Manufacturing Corporation recently exhibited at the Pack Expo in Las Vegas—known as North America’s premier packaging event. The show featured more than 2,000 top-tier suppliers of advanced packaging equipment, materials, containers, automation technologies and controls across a variety of industries, including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and more.

While there, Lever promoted its superior engineering and creative solutions in the automatic roll slitter space. In particular, we talked to attendees about our model LFC-1500 automatic film cutter machine, designed to cut films in a single step without the need to rewind. The LFC-1500 heavy duty, dual knife roll slitter cuts rolls of shrink and stretch film up to 15 inches in diameter and provides dependable long-term performance in continuous production environments with minimal maintenance requirements.

The LFC-1500 is able to cut a wide range of films quickly without the need for tension control and edge guiding that are required to slit with a rewind slitter. With the LFC-1500 roll slitting machine, you can load, cut and unload slit rolls of varying widths quickly and simply without machine changeover. Other benefits include:

  • User-friendly Programmable Logic Control (PLC) operation
  • A color touchscreen interface
  • The ability to select multiple features, including slit widths in inches or millimeters, index positioning, batch and regular cuts, and multiple speed knife entry
  • High torque servomotor-driven linear actuators for knife and chipper, providing precise control and multiple penetration speeds
  • High torque AC inverter drives for speed control of knife, chuck and chipper
  • A servomotor-powered lead screw to provide precise spacing tolerances
  • Easy knife and chipper blade installation & removal
  • Automatic shaft holder
  • Automatic knife sharpening
  • Adjustable knife spray lubrication system
  • Rubber-covered air shaft with push button inflating/deflating

Click here to see a video of the LFC-1500 or download the brochure here, which includes a complete list of features and specs. To learn more, contact us today!

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