Stay Sharp, Automatically

Stay Sharp, Automatically

Bill Corbett ·


Some materials dull a knife more than others but keeping a sharp knife is always important.

Lever machines eliminate any issue created by slitting with a dull blade—with an automatic Knife Sharpening System that’s installed on every machine we sell. The system includes a grind stone that sharpens the blade, a deburring stone to remove burrs that can occur during sharpening, and a diamond dresser for knife back bevels. Our slitters also include another smart feature: an interval grinding setting that lets you choose how frequently sharpening occurs. Every material dulls the knife at a different rate, so depending on what you are slitting, you can set the blade to automatically sharpen after the optimal number of cuts, increasing blade life and saving you money!

And don’t forget — while our automatic knife sharpener will extend the life of your blade, it’s still a good idea to keep a spare blade on hand to change out the blade on the machine after sharpening has reduced the knife diameter to the point that the it is smaller than the diameter of the rolls you are slitting.

Click here to see the Lever Corp. Knife Sharpening System in action.

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