What’s Your Angle?

What’s Your Angle?

Bill Corbett ·

What’s Your Angle?

If you’re not getting good, sharp cuts when making wide slits, Lever’s Knife Angling System might be just what you need. Our proprietary system can help you maximize efficiency and reduce waste by giving you a clean cut anywhere on the roll, automatically.

When slicing materials, Lever’s Knife Angling System lets you set a single bevel blade at a slight angle – 89 degrees or 91 – which gives you the benefits of a double bevel blade without exerting extra pressure on the roll you are cutting. The result is a good slit, even when the blade is at the end of the chuck.

In addition to helping you make a cleaner cut, our Knife Angling System helps improve the speed and performance of your machine. An easy-to-use touch bad is fully programmable, allowing you to set your machine to make multiple cuts at different angles so there’s no stopping and starting to make adjustments.

Watch how our Knife Angling Systems operation.


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