That’s How We Roll

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That’s How We Roll

Chuck, otherwise known as roll rotation, on Lever slitters can be either forward or reverse. Some materials slit better when the roll is wound more loosely, and some materials slit better when the roll is wound tighter. Did you know that simply changing the direction in which the roll rotates can tighten loosely wound rolls or loosen tightly wound rolls? Did you also know that changing which end of the roll you slide onto the shaft first can either tighten or loosen the roll?

If you find you are getting poor slits with a material, try changing the chuck rotation from forward to reverse. Still experiencing problems? Try loading the roll onto the shaft from the opposite end.

Knife rotation on Lever slitters can also be run forward or reverse. Here’s a tip! Don’t change the knife rotation direction. Most likely, just changing the roll rotating direction and/or which end of the roll you load onto the shaft first will correct your problem. Changing the direction of the knife just adds more variables to solving the problem and should only be considered if the first two options fail to give the desired results.

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