Watch Your Speed

Watch Your Speed

Bill Corbett ·

Watch Your Speed

Depending on the material you are cutting, a fast-moving knife can result in an initial double cut that wastes material and time. If this is happening to you, you may benefit from a machine that can be programmed to change the speed of your knife as it makes each slit.

Lever’s multiple cutting speed system allows you to input your desired cutting speed based on your needs. You just key the speed you need in on the programmable touchscreen and let the machine do the work. Speeds are not pre-set, so you can choose the variables that work best for your job.

Another benefit? If the knife is set to a fast speed as it approaches the core, your knife can quickly dull. With Lever Corp.’s multiple cutting speed capability, you can set your machine to slow the knife down as it approaches the core.

This innovative system allows up to four different knife penetration speeds per slit, so you can program your machine to drive the knife into the roll slowly, speed up as the knife moves through the roll, and go back to a slow speed as it approaches the core.  It’s just one more way we help to make your jobs more efficient.

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